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Recruiter : Ryan Fehr

Ryan is a Building Materials Recruiter on a mission to bring top talent and innovative companies together in the bustling landscapes of Canada and the USA. Before his recruitment days, he was knee-deep in the Building Materials industry himself, soaking up the knowledge that now fuels his passion for connecting the best in the business and working on roles up and down the building materials supply chain including - Manufacturers, Distributors, Specification, Buying Groups & LBM retail.From steel beams to concrete dreams, Ryan’s seen it all, and now he’s here to build bridges between exceptional candidates and the companies that are shaping the future of construction and building materials.When Ryan’s not busy crafting career connections, you'll find him chasing the thrill of untouched snow on a snowboard, trying to keep his drives straight on the golf course, strategizing football or hockey from his couch, and hiking or mountain biking through the scenic trails of BC.If you are a seasoned or intermediate professional seeking a strategic career move or a company aiming to secure top-tier talent, Ryan will help you get there. Together, you can explore opportunities that align with your aspirations and organizational goals, ensuring a future marked by successful careers and thriving companies. Reach out, and let's embark on the journey of building meaningful connections and fostering mutual success.

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