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Recruiter : Karine Gagnon

Bilingual adventurer, Karine has charted an exciting and varied career path that has led her to the dynamic industry of recruitment. Before becoming the Manager for the Building Materials Division at DMC Recruitment, Karine pursued a professional career as a pilot with Air Canada and Porter Airlines, served in the Canadian Armed Forces, and was an expedition guide in Nunavut. With a diverse work experience, Karine brings her superior emotional intelligence, determination, and tenacity to the recruitment industry.Since 2015, Karine has managed a record of exceptional placements across North America in the building materials industry. She was the recipient of the trophy from the Association of Canadian Search, Employment & Staffing Services(ACSESS) for the province of Quebec in 2023, and she has been standing out as one of the top performers within DMC Recruitment.Karine works closely with manufacturers, distributors, buying groups, and retailers in the building materials industry. She also seeks candidates for roles in architecture & design and construction. With her ability to work across Canada and the United States from coast to coast, she brings a unique capability to access the Quebec and Francophone markets.Outside of work, Karine is a busy mom. When she's not chasing after her two very active children, she dedicates her time to creativity of all kinds and sports

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