Upping the game for building materials recruitment

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DMC Recruitment – Design, Materials, Construction

The goal of DMC Recruitment is to enable better recruitment processes through the intelligent use of technology. Nowhere is this more obvious than in our website technology.

www.dmcrecruitment.com brings a completely new way of leveraging industry networks to generate unique candidates for our clients. Our industry leading, recruitment specific technology uses candidate applications and registered candidates to automatically encourage referrals.

Like other agencies, DMC promotes job advertisements via the large well-known job boards and through social media. Unlike other agencies, we also support job advertisements with tailored video advertisements* and work hard on curating the content of our job postings to ensure they are a sales tool to attract great candidates, not simply a list of job responsibilities. Afterall, you need to give candidates a reason to apply to your role.

It is when a candidate lands on our website, or sends their resume, that technology really begins to differentiate our offering.

Each role we work on is assigned a referral bonus. As candidates scan our job boards they are encouraged to “Apply” or “Refer”. If they choose to “Refer”, the system automatically keeps them informed of the progress of that recommended candidate at every stage of the recruitment process. The engagement this information creates encourages candidates to refer us more people, for more roles, because they know we value their referral and, hopefully, will get the chance to reward them for it. 

Our business is built around three inter-related market sectors; Design & Architecture; Building Materials; and Construction.  As a result, our networks are very specific and incredibly inter-related. This means that candidates are even more likely to have referrals for us because will likely know someone to refer. Architects know Builders, Builders know Manufacturers, Manufacturers know Retailers and so on. It is the construction circle of life.

By leveraging our unique candidate network in this way, we are giving our clients access much more than our immediate network. Extensive as our network is, the second and third connections that this referral programme allows us to access grows this network exponentially.

Our systems prompt candidates when relevant roles are loaded. No longer are we reliant on candidates applying to the advertisement or us finding them on the database. The system prompts them to apply and asks automatically if they have referrals. This connectivity keeps candidates engaged with DMC Recruitment in every stage of the process, and constantly encourages them to share their talent recommendations.

This unique social referral process combined with transparency drives referrer advocacy, turning our network into a promotion powerhouse that drives awareness of our clients’ roles, and vastly improves their chances for success.

When you add such an extensive referral process to our already established advertised selection, industry networks and well-honed headhunting processes, you have the confidence that no stone is left unturned in our ability to find talent within the industry.

At DMC Recruitment, we understand that recruitment is about people and creating real meaningful relationships. We also see the opportunity that technology can give us to improve the recruitment experience for both our clients and candidates.

Stephen Borer is a founding partner of DMC Recruitment. Contact Stephen today at [email protected] .

*for all retained searches

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