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Recruiter : Tim Spindlove

Tim joins DMC Recruitment with over 15 years of successful sales, talent acquisition, business operations, and leadership experience. Over the course of his career, Tim has become a trusted advisor to business owners, C-level executives, HR & financial professionals, across multiple sectors, including construction, energy, manufacturing, public service, non-profit, and retail. He has advised on recruitment best practices and assisted implementation of strategic recruitment programs to help drive performance internally for stakeholders.Based in Vancouver, Tim focuses his efforts on recruiting for the Construction sector. Tim has worked with the largest recruitment and staffing firms globally. He has led business development and recruitment teams, which allows DMC Recruitment Group to leverage his leadership EQ internally.Tim has a fundamental belief in abundance: the more one gives, the more one gets. And he is one of the most giving people you will come across. His genius is invigoration: inspiring others to do more with what they have, whether money, resources, talent, or ideas. No matter who he is interacting with -- his team, a client, a candidate -- he is skilled at leveraging and motivating his network to serve their purpose. He is persistent, always considering who he could call upon to remedy a challenging situation or enliven a lost cause.Tim sees the world as a web of relationships and is excited by the prospect of connecting people. His mantra is "One and one make three." Tim sees almost no limit to what people with different strengths and perspectives can create together. He is a naturally inquisitive person, always asking questions about each person's background, experience, and skills. He knows instinctively that each person brings something unique and distinct to the table, something, no matter how small, that might prove to be the vital ingredient. People are drawn to Tim because he is so obviously passionate about his expertise.Tim strives to enliven and enlarge others' vision of who they are and what they can achieve.

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