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Recruiter : Stephen Borer

When Stephen first stumbled across the building materials industry in 2012, he had over 15 years executive search experience across multiple industries and multiple continents. He quickly realized that the building supplies sector, one of North America’s largest sectors of employment, was sorely underserviced by the executive search and recruitment industry: less than a handful of industry-specialist recruiters truly understood the nuances of the sector.Since then, Stephen has devoted his career to addressing this void and has become one of Canada’s leading specialists in building materials recruitment. With over 20 years of experience in the recruitment industry, Stephen has developed an extensive network across North America and has been involved in more than 500 placements into the sector. Having worked with manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and buying groups in nearly every State or Province in North America, Stephen fully understands the demand for a high-quality recruitment service for the building supply industry. As a founding Partner of DMC Recruitment Group, Stephen is on a mission to meet this demand and make DMC the most successful building supply recruitment firm in North America.With his extensive executive search experience and his specialized knowledge of the building materials industry, Stephen is a trusted influencer in your passive candidate market. A proven headhunter of talent, having personally placed over 100 senior-level candidates into the North American building supply industry, Stephen utilizes his over 10, 000 LinkedIn industry connections along with propriety and third-party data sources to leave no stone unturned in his searches.Always keeping a finger on the pulse of the building materials industry, Stephen is a regular contributor to a variety of industry publications, an active member of multiple business material industry associations, and a frequent attendant of key industry trade shows such as WRLA, Construct Canada, Surfaces, and NAHB. Stephen firmly believes that staying ahead of industry trends is essential to providing the most comprehensive, up-to-date, and successful recruitment system.Stephen has a long history of engaging high-performing talent that other agencies can’t access. His outcome-driven focus ensures that he finds committed high performers that are invested in a company’s process. He is passionate about working with leadership teams across the industry and is thoroughly invested in ensuring that the leadership of today and tomorrow is equipped to continue the growth of the building materials industry.

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