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Recruiter : Shawna Wagner

Shawna has an experienced and proven track record recruiting within the Architecture, Design and Construction industry across North America. With a Master’s in Environmental Design and a well-developed network of industry professionals, she has both the technical understanding of the design and development process as well as an active network and deep-rooted connections within the market developing exceptional relationships with her clients and candidates throughout the industry.Shawna is a Founding Partner of DMC Recruitment Group and is focused in working with her clients and candidates in the Architecture & Design industry working with various search engagements of specific positions throughout North America including; Principal, Director, Senior Architect, Architect, Technologist, Designer, Project Manager and other positions within small to large architecture and engineering design firms within this discipline.The combination of Shawna’s education, experience and passion for design fuels her goals to develop further relationships with her clients and candidates and her focus on developing an educated and reliable recruitment agency specifically in the industries of architecture and design, building materials and construction. Shawna believes in the development of healthy environments and the design of human spaces as cohesive elements of our built environment and how we as humans can develop and build those spaces. She is passionate about design and spaces but is stronger at developing the relationships with the individuals that create those rather than being one herself. She is a past competitive triathlete and an avid believer in living a healthy and balanced life and wants to promote this in her business ethics and create a strong and safe environment for all of her clients and candidates to connect further.

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