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Recruiter : Dan Cant

Dan combines an Award Winning sales career with “Top Performing Sales Recruitment" experience. It turns out that 20+ years of sales and leadership experience is a valuable asset when recruiting and identifying top performing professionals. Dan's experience and understanding of what it takes to be a top performer made the transition into the world of sales recruitment very easy. From award winning agency recruitment Dan moved to focus on the underserviced North American building material sector where he continues to introduce sales talent to manufacturers, distributors and lumberyards across North America. Dan believes that the top 10% of successful sales professionals have common traits that clearly set them apart from their peers. Trust, skill and determination combined with a disciplined focus on achieving sales targets. Dan has identified the industry specific companies that hire and train top performing personalities early in career. The nuances and skillsets of sector specific "A Player" candidates are unique and specific to the sector. Dan has the experience to identify the "hard to find" passive candidates and target them directly (headhunt).Dan works with with clients and candidates in the North American Building Material sector with a strong focus on Sales and leadership positions including Manufacturer and Distribution Reps, A&D Representatives, Sales/Branch Management, Operations Managers and Executive Search for senior leadership positions.

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